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Hi-Pro Feeds

Our distributor partnership with Hi-Pro Feeds operates in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma. HogStop contraceptive bait can be purchased anywhere Hi-Pro Feeds are sold. If your local feed store doesn’t have HogStop or our recommended feeders in stock, or doesn’t have an account with HiPro, they can simply call to set up one! Feeders can also be purchased directly from the manufacturers on our “Recommended Feeders” tab.




Nelson Wholesale Service

Our distributor partnership with Nelson services 13 states from the middle to the eastern US and growing! Any feed store can carry both HogStop bait and our recommended feeders.  If your local feed store doesn’t carry HogStop, ask them to do so by calling Nelson to set up their distribution account!  

Or Call HiPro:

(806) 250-6820

Or Call Nelson:

(800) 592-1428