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The Complete System

#1 HogStop – The Feed
HogStop is a feed comprised of natural ingredients, that when consumed by feral hogs, inhibits the fertility of the male hog.

#2 Recommended Feeder
The recommended feeder is designed to keep out cattle, deer, birds, and other animals – undesirable guests at the dinner table.  The patented design is meant to decrease any environmental impact outside of the target animals, feral hogs!

#3 Recommended Additional Attractant – COMING SOON
The recommended attractant or “Scent Bar”, is designed to draw hogs that are already in your area to your hog-specific feeder.  Once there, the feed ‘smells’ for itself, and does the rest!  The Scent Bar’s longevity depends on exposure to sunlight and overall weather conditions. This product will be available very soon!!