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Statement from Dr. Loper


“I have been working as a nutrition consultant for 52 years in the western half of the United States. I have a B.S. from Iowa State, a M.S. from Kentucky, and a Ph.D from Kansas State in nutritional biochemistry. I developed the use of self-mixed feed on large dairy operations in the U.S. in the 70’s and the 80’s. While in the USAF in the 1960’s I worked on feeding systems for the Gemini and Apollo space flights.


Living in Texas as a dairyman and consultant I became aware of the feral hog problem and began thinking about ways to control the population. I began field testing¬†combinations of natural feed ingredients to control feral hog population growth. With the assistance of my son, Danny and his friend Dr. Brad Fails, we tested several¬†possible solutions. Sid Miller, the Texas Ag Commissioner, and Hi-Pro Feeds assisted and gave encouragement¬†in our quest. A palatable bait formula was chosen to market to the feral hog infested states.”
Dr. Dan Loper, Ph.D