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The Barclay Feeder


The Barclay Feeder was designed with cost-efficiency, ease of bait flow, and hog accessibility in mind. In addition to the tried and true weighted pressure plating system, the novel ‘scent grate’ at the lower front, helps to lead the wild hogs right to the front access point. This cuts down on the time it takes for the hogs to find the actual HogStop bait.  The Barclay Feeder’s weighted lid/pressure plate makes it as easy as possible for hogs to access the bait, while simultaneously making it extremely difficult for non-target species to do the same.

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WPF – Wild Pig Feeder



WPF, Inc. has patented a species-specific feeding system offering a solution targeting the wild-pig population control issues. In conjunction with Hogstop bait, a solution exists to control the explosion of wild pigs utilizing a birth-control product in partnership with a species-specific feeder that only allows pigs to feed in the unit. Constructed of 12GA galvannealed material and easy to assemble in the field, this feeding system also employs an optional GPS system enabling the capture of number of times the unit is accessed in the field as well as being able to monitor the amount of feed level in the unit for hands-off monitoring. ‘Bear-bars’ are used on the floor to keep out larger animals that may try to access the door to feed. The feeders are manufactured by SpecFab Services, Inc. located in Greenville, SC.

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