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Q&A HogStop Oral Contraceptive Bait


What is HogStop and How do I use it?

HogStop is a mixture of ingredients, commonly found in some livestock feeds, that is fed to feral hogs to reduce their numbers on your farm or ranch. It acts as a male contraceptive on feral boar hogs. Sperm counts in feral boar hogs are reduced and hence fertility.  Births of baby pigs are decreased and feral hog populations decrease over time. HogStop is not a poison to kill the hogs. It should be fed in hog-specific feeders that are designed to keep out all other species.

Are hogs that have been fed HogStop safe for human consumption?

Feral hogs which have consumed fresh HogStop bait should pose no additional health risks.

HogStop is composed of ingredients commonly found in some livestock feeds.  The product is intended as a contraceptive bait for feral hogs.  HogStop is not intended as a feed for any food animal.

The harvesting of feral hogs for their meat may pose health risks through contact with disease organisms carried by the hogs. Please see these links: Are Wild Pigs Safe to Eat? and Wild Hog Hunting.

Does HogStop use hormones or endocrine disruptors?
No. HogStop does not use hormones or endocrine disruptors, nor does it actively work to effect hormones.
Can other animals be affected by HogStop?

Mono-gastric and ruminant animals such as deer, raccoons, sheep, and goats may be affected by a reduction in fertility, if eaten in large quantities. To avoid nontarget animal effects, we recommend hog-specific feeders that work to keep out all other animal types.

Should HogStop be fed continuously or at intervals?
For best results it should be fed continuously. However tests on hogs consuming HogStop have shown abnormally low sperm counts even on boars fed HogStop as little as five days per month.
Is there any human hazard in feeding HogStop?

HogStop bait should not be consumed by humans. HogStop may be harmful if swallowed. HogStop bait dust may cause eye and respiratory irritation. Follow all precautionary and first aid directions on the product label. Follow label directions for use.

What happens if my feral hogs travel away for several months? Will HogStop still work?

Although typically staying close to consistent food sources, wild hogs can roam a range of different times and distances. This can be anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Taking this into account, catching them with HogStop for 1-2 of the 3 breeding cycles a year can still drastically cut the population growth over time. HogStop, even in this case, is a powerful tool in the fight against feral hogs!

How many baby pigs will a feral sow have in one year?
Sows can give birth to 2 to 3 litters of up to 20 baby pigs per year so they populate a farm or ranch rapidly. A sow’s reproductive performance is not affected nearly as much as a boar’s reproduction system, by HogStop.
How does HogStop fit with other feral hog control techniques?

HogStop bait combines extremely well with other techniques such as shooting and trapping, to provide an overall approach for the management of wild/feral hogs.

Can I hunt at or around my HogStop feeder(s)?

It is not suggested to hunt at or directly around your HogStop feeders, as feral hogs may associate danger with the feeders.  This may prevent them from consuming HogStop bait regularly. 

Is HogStop bait or feeders tax deductible?

Check with your local tax accountant or CPA about HogStop’s tax deductibility in your state!