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How it Works

HogStop is a one-stop answer to your feral hog problems. With our patent pending bait we are able to offer a non-kill, low environmental impact solution.

Step #1

Purchase Hogstop Bait from your local feedstore, or purchase online at HiPro Feeds!

Step #2

Contact one of our feeder partners from our Recommended Feeders tab, to purchase your feeder(s).

Step #3

Place your feeder(s) in an area where you believe wild hogs travel on your land and keep filled with HogStop Bait.


HogStop – The Bait

HogStop offers the perfect solution to control the number of feral hogs in your area. Our bait is composed of ingredients, commonly found in some livestock feeds, that inhibit the fertility of the male hogs when eaten. Whether you are dealing with a few hogs in your area or a larger hog issue, HogStop is your easy answer to keeping them under control.


Recommended Feeders

We recommend using our partner’s patented feeder(s). They are designed to decrease any environmental impact outside of feral hogs by making it difficult to reach by cattle, deer, birds, and other animals.




Have more questions? No problem, check out our FAQs tab to review some of our most frequently asked questions.